“When we started hippotherapy, I just figured it would be a way to keep Wyatt still for a longer period of time so that we could work on language! He quickly bonded with his horse, Peaches, and would get so excited when we pulled up to the barn.

He’s been in hippotherapy for 2.5 years and he is the only boy with his diagnosis (that we know of) with any words at all and he has around 100 words!

Riding has helped his core strength, coordination, and has given him a very special hobby. His sister also looks forward to seeing the horses and doesn’t remember life without them! It truly has become a family love, and it’s helped my boy more than I could’ve ever imagined!!”
Parent - KidSource / Freedom Reins Program

“My beautiful son is autistic and 21 years old- we have been blessed with the hippotherapy equine assisted therapy at Beyond Boundaries in Ward Arkansas for 14 years.

I have seen the miraculous benefits of hippotherapy first hand in my child’s life! Garland County will be blessed by this outstanding program!”

Matt Sanner, Parent – Beyond Boundaries, Searcy, AR

“Mark used to go to the barn for hippotherapy on Friday afternoons. His mom told us that on the weekend he had fewer melt downs and was better regulated.

After he rode on a Friday, Mark would get off the bus on Monday morning smiling and telling everyone “hi”.

He had only ridden for about 6 months when he started talking in sentences and feeding himself at lunch. Hippotherapy was so special to him.”

Parent - KidSource / Freedom Reins Program

“The first day Emma rode a horse at the age of 2 1/2, was the first day she said “mama”. She had sensory issues and didn’t talk very much.

On days that she went to the barn, she napped better, slept better at night and was generally more relaxed as a child. She loved her horse and looked forward to riding days.

Emma rode in hippotherapy for 4 years. Hippotherapy changed her life and ours.”

Parent - KidSource / Freedom Reins Program

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