Our vision is to make hippotherapy and therapeutic riding services accessible not just to our son Aiden, but to all individuals with disabilities in the greater Garland County area for little to no cost. These forms of therapies offer evidence-based benefits to the physical, emotional, and mental growth and development of people with disabilities.

Sunshine Therapeutic Riding Center


The SUNSHINE Therapeutic Riding Center (STRC) is an equine assisted therapy organization 501(c)3 that strives to improve the lives of individuals of all age groups, including children with disabilities, through the partnership and therapeutic power of horses.


noun sun·shine \ ˈsən-ˌshīn \ someone or something (such as a person, condition, or influence) that radiates warmth, cheer, or happiness


Riding has helped my son’s core strength, coordination, and has given him a very special hobby. His sister also looks forward to seeing the horses and doesn’t remember life without them! It truly has become a family love, and it’s helped my boy more than I could’ve ever imagined!!”

Parent - KidSource / Freedom Reins Program

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